[Tweeters] Mongolian Plover still at Ocean Shores

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Thu Aug 26 18:53:56 PDT 2010

Hi Tweeters,

Just got back from Ocean Shores.  I parked at the end of Tonquin Ave. around 4:15 and walked to the 'pond area' via the path behind the radar station.  The Mongolian Plover was immediately apparent as it was actively feeding among the Semi-palmated Plovers and Western Sandpipers.  I stood at the edge of the grassy area and watched it for about half an hour.  It was still there when I left at 4:45.  At one point, it came within 30 feet or so of where I was standing.  Several birders were arriving as I was leaving, so I'm sure there will be more updates.  Thanks to Bob Sundstrom for finding it and a very big thanks to Paul Hicks for posting about it so quickly!

Lonnie Somer

Olympia, WA

wheelermombi at comcast.net
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