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Thanks to Scott Atkinsons 8/23 post about future dike-breaching schemes on Smith Island and Biringer farm I was inspired to get a hold of the county for an update. I've been aware of these plans for a year or so but had'nt seen any updated information so I emailed them and got a response.

If one goes to Snohomish County website and search for Smith Island Restoration Project, you can see maps, info on proposed changes ect in all its bureaucratic glory. The main thing I found out is that this is not a done deal. Last year was a SEPA review (state environmental policy act) which was the last word on the website re this plan. I got a reply from Craig Garrick, the project manager and he said they'd be updating whats going on in a few weeks. Sometime early 2011 there will be a Draft Environmental Impact Statement provided with opportunity for public input. The final EIS would come out in a month after that.

As one can see on the proposal maps, there are three diking proposals - potentially the 12th st NE ponds could be spared or partially spared in two of the proposals. Its unclear as to what public access would be (walkable dikes, ect) so that would be a good question to put to the county. There is also plan 4 - which is not doing anything. Anyway I just wanted tweeters to know that there is still time for input. When I hear of a date for the public hearing I will post it.

I dont know much about Biringer Farm except its a Port of Everett project dubbed 'Blue Heron Slough' and that the breaching and all that stuff was to have happened by 2009 - I dont know that it has or not.

Jeff Gibson, Everett Wa
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