[Tweeters] gull-like birds making laughing sound - edmunds

M&M Kirschner mnmkirschner at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 08:19:29 PDT 2010

Hi, tweets.

It's not that often that I hear an unfamiliar bird sound around here, but
last night while walking along the waterfront in Edmunds at sunset, two
medium sized gull shaped birds flew by making a distinctly laughter-like
(chuckling?) sound. I whipped around fast with my binoculars to try and get
a good look, but the sun had just set and I was looking straight into the
glow, so all I got was silhouette. I live a block from the beach in West
Seattle and spend a great deal of time near the water and have never heard
this sound. The call was completely different from any of the usual gulls
that are commonly around these parts.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone in the Edmunds area regularly and seen/heard
something similar.

Thanks for helping to solve the mystery!

Maurie Kirschner
Seattle WA
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