[Tweeters] re: Ocean Beach flocking patterns

Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Sun Aug 29 16:01:05 PDT 2010

The large flocks of shorebirds have a way of disappearing suddenly, and as
to where they go....we find them scattered throughout the harbor beaches,
and even the golf courses. There is a lot of shoreline that is privately
owned, and quite a few sand bars and small, mostly sandy islands within the
harbor. If you are fortunate to be here when the tide is right (two hrs
before/after high tide), they can be seen flying in brilliant ribbons across
the peninsula...from the inner bay to the outer beaches as high tide arrives
and back after it has passed. They often pass right over my house, and I can
hear their wings as they rush overhead. There are many miles of Washington
beaches they can "hide" on...all the way from Taholah in the north to the
border of Oregon.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores, Wa.
dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com

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