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Beautiful job and, I'm sure, an enormous effort.  I'm keeping county lists in WA, AZ, CA & MN, but wish MN didn't have so many ^&*() counties.


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Hi Tweeters & Inland NW Birders -

I've just completed the latest update to the excel version of the WA  County Checklist , based on the latest county
checklist updates at WA Birder and on the new taxonomic decisions of the AOU in
their 51st checklist supplement.


If you are looking for a handy source for the new names
& revised ordering of the WA list, with the longspurs & some buntings
moved ahead of the warblers, the new genus for Orange-crowned Warbler …. not to
mention the Pacific Wren’s appearance – this could be helpful. The checklist is
available at: http://www.wabirder.com/bartel_co_checklist.html

This version of the checklist is based on the latest updates of county-firsts
compiled by Ken & Laurie Knittle for Washington Birder, and covering
information gleaned through August 2010. It includes:


1. Revisions of all the Western
Washington county checklists. Rather than update one or two
counties per quarter as has been done in the past, Ken & Laurie Knittle
worked with local experts and revised all the Western WA
counties this time around.  If you have a particular county you are
interested in, the pdfs of the one-page checklists are also updated &
available on the WA birder site.


2. In addition to updating the list with the AOU 51
changes, Clements/Avisys  sort order is included for those who want to compare
between this and their Avisys lists.


3. Many county firsts, and a few more error
corrections (sorry!)


If you are looking for a quick reference for how common a given species is in
any county, this excel file can be handy. Further, if you are interested in
keeping track of your county lists, this file 
works as a checklist for each county and the state as a whole. As
needed, the list can be sorted back & forth between older checklist arrangements, Avisys's Clements ordering, or the newest taxonomic list decision from the AOU.

Thanks again to the Knittle's for making this data available in Washington
Birder, and thanks to those who have sent questions, comments or suggestions.
Let me know if you have any problems working with the sheet or ideas for

Finally, for anyone already using the old file who wants instructions  on how to transfer your information from that
one to this new one,  read on (for
everyone else, I'd recommend skipping the dry 
instructions that follow).

Short version: Use the the same tax
order to sort both your old file  and the
new one. Add blank lines the where new species will be inserted (none for this
update), but check to be sure you've got 503 species in the last version you
used. ‘Copy’ the color-coded cells portion of old file, and paste
"values" only into the new file [using “paste-special”].

Longer Step-by-step Explanation:

1. Download newest file from webpage [save under a different name than your own

2. Open both the new file and your old one.

3. Make sure both old and new files are sorted according to the same taxonomic
order (the 4 sorting options are given in columns c, d, e, and f).To sort
according to one of them, select the entire file and click 'sort' from the
'Data' menu. Check the box for ‘Header Row’, and then select the desired sort
order in the top box, with the default setting of Ascending selected.

4. On your [old] file, insert blank rows [using the 'rows' option on the Insert
menu] where new species will be added. For this summer 2010 update, there are
no new species to add lines for, but check to be sure you've got 503 species in
the last version you used. (The most recent additions were the Greater Pewee
& Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, so check for those first)

Those changes will leave your data ready for transfer.

6. On your [old] file, highlight all of the cells that have the color coding in
them and press control-C to copy this section [or use the  'copy' option from the Edit menu]. In the present
file (once you've  added the blank rows
for the new state species) this would be all the  cells from G4 to AT506.

7. Click on the G4 box of the new file, and then choose 'paste special' from
the edit menu. In the dialogue box that opens, select 'values' under the paste
section [instead of 'all']. It is important to paste only the values --
otherwise you will bring over all the old 
color codes too!

All your data should be pasted into the new file.

8. Do some double checking to ensure the formulas are adding up to  the same numbers they did in the old file.
Also check to be sure you  haven't
brought over the old color codes [check a new 'county first'  like the Franklin County Marbled Godwit to
ensure you have the color codes from the newest version in place]

9. Once you’ve successfully transferred your data, you can sort the new list
according to the most current taxonomic ordering by repeating the sort instructions
in step 3 above.

That should do it. Let me know if you have any questions or
suggestions --

Matt Bartels

Seattle, WA

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