[Tweeters] Skagit Black Phoebe

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 19:17:14 PDT 2010

Dear Tweeters,

This afternoon at around four, I pulled into the Fir Island Game Range. Matt Bartels waved me over about ten seconds later, and within a minute or two, we were looking at a Black Phoebe. This is almost certainly the one that Bob Hamblin found here on, I think it was, the 20th August.

The Game Range (often now called Wylie Slough) has two parking areas; park at the huge new one with the (clean) new toilet. This is the parking area closer to the boat launch, NOT the headquarters parking area. In mid-parking-lot is a gap in the fence, near an orange sign warning about "hunters with guns" (one of several of these signs here). Stand on the dike by the gap in the fence and scan the "middle pond." The bird was doing the same thing for Matt and me that it did for Bob, flycatching and moving among low perches by the water's surface. We watched it catch a dragonfly or damselfly. It spent some time on the west side of the east hedgerow, and also the east side of the west hedgerow. Listen for a call, rather soft in volume, sounding like "tseek" or "tseet."

Over at Hayton Preserve, with a flock of about 300 Canada Geese, were 11 White-fronted Geese. These birds had briefly held the title of "bird of the day"--for the fifteen minutes prior to my bumping into Matt!

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch   Near Lyman, Washington (Skagit County), USA   garybletsch at yahoo.com    

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