[Tweeters] More on Ocean Shores...Hardly A Bad Day At All

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Thanks for the early Plover note. I tried but smartphone failed Fri.

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With so many skilled birders at the Game Range
at Ocean Shores, there are many others who could
do a better job on reporting what was seen despite
not seeing the coveted Mongolian/Lesser Sand
Plover, so I will mostly comment on "the
experience" which was so very positive. I was
fortunate in seeing the first post on the Lesser
Sand Plover literally minutes after it was first
posted just through happenstance. Knowing that
such rarities are often very ephemeral, the
temptation of course was to "get in the car and
go". But other responsibilities made that at
least difficult, so I hesitated. I also suspected
that while seeing this bird would certainly be a
wonderful addition to my "state list" that I may
have seen it earlier elsewhere in the world. I
checked and confirmed that although I had not seen
it in Asia (where I have birded only briefly) that
I had seen it many years ago (in the '70's) when I
was much more avid and there was a visitor to
Oregon. And thus I absolutely determined to
postpone a trip until the next day.

And as has been reported, that delay meant I did
not see the Plover while an immediate "go
decision" probably would have resulted in that
success. BUT...while sure there was
disappointment, what a great day anyhow. The
weather was fabulous and Ocean Shores and the Game
Range in particular was populated by many dozens
(certainly over 70) of eager birders and many,
many great birds as has already been pointed out.
And it was great fun and instructive to meet and
listen to and bird with many of the people (from
all over the state and Oregon) whose names and
observations regularly appear on this site. And
despite the shared disappointment of "the miss",
the pervasive mood was positive and appreciative
of simply having the opportunities to participate
in "birding" and the window that the activity
gives us all into this wonderful natural world
including its mysteries of "why was this bird here
in the first pla

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