[Tweeters] Late breeding pied-billed grebes

Bert Bartleson bartlesonfsc at comcast.net
Sun Aug 29 21:05:08 PDT 2010

Hi Tweets, I have a question that was sparked by Evan Houstan's terrific
photo from the fill of the mom and baby PBGB. When I returned from my
vacation on August 22rd I found that my resident PBGR had three very young
chicks. They were swimming near her, not riding on her back. I watched her
try to get them to dive but at first they were having none of it. She would
call to them and dive from their midst. The babies looked around like where
did mom go? Today they were successfully diving by themselves near shore.
Is this apparent very late breeding usual behavior for PBGR's? Thanks, Bert
Bartleson, Olympia

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