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three Cooper's hawks recently fledged at Woodland Park Zoo (in the area
just behind the zoostage); check out the zoo's blog:



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> At ZooTunes Sunday night - I was digging Herbie Hancock getting funky

with Watermelon Man, but he had stiff competition in the antics of several
Northern Harriers swooping back and forth across the North Meadow. They
were present, in and out of the trees and flying fairly low over the crowd
for at least a couple of hours. At points, their near-constant vocalizing
was louder than the music! I don't know what prey they might have been
eyeing - someone's picnic, or a very small child?


> It reminded me of a Little League game I attended recently, during which

a pair of Osprey repeatedly brought prey to their nestlings cozily
ensconsed atop one of the field's light standards. I was pretty excited,
but very few others seemed interested (despite my pointing and


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