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Is this Balc rd near Lyle, WA????

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In late May of this year, I saw two Acorn Woodpeckers along Old
Hwy. 8, near where its east jct. with Balch Rd.  The birds were very close to road
(Hwy. 8), atop small oak trees.


Bob Sundstrom


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I saw Acorn
Woodpeckers using the granary tree in February and April of this
year.  In the past they have nested near the house Roger mentioned up
Balch Road just below the converted schoolhouse home of Galen Wood. Check both
areas as they store acorns in the granary tree for their winter food
supply and nest in the surrounding forest. And as the
acorns ripen this fall the woodpeckers will be gathering them
and bringing to the granary tree.


Wilson Cady

Washougal, WA


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