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Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Tue Aug 31 22:54:52 PDT 2010

hi ... you cant go wrong with either brand ... and you cant go wrong
with either of the 4 models you mention ...

traditionally ----- IMHO gleaned from talking with lots of
photographers and reading lots of online reviews and blogs) -----
Nikon costs a bit more than Canon ... Nikon is a bit heavier than
Canon (important if you plan on hiking a bit to look for birds and
VERY important if you dont plan on using a tripod) ... and Nikon
seems to be the "chosen" brand for landscape photographers but Canon
seems to be the "chosen" brand for action and sports photographers
(just my impression after spending lots of lunch hours browsing the
internet) ... and, while some online reviews say Nikon takes just a
bit better quality images, I feel that statement ignores the quality
of the photographer himself/herself ...

here's a nice website to read reviews on ... http://dpreview.com ...
click on "buying guide" and then start browsing ...

Lyn (who uses Canon) ...

At 09:25 PM 8/31/2010, Blair Bernson wrote:

> I expect this topic may already have been thoroughly covered at

> some time, but if so I missed it. I am considering finally getting

> a Digital SLR to replace my Canon SX20IS. I love this camera for

> its incredible zoom power (80X combined digital and optical) but

> frankly unless the light is terrific, the image quality leaves a

> lot to be desired. I am trying to figure which direction to go

> with two questions: Canon vs. Nikon and also which "level" of

> quality (and size and expense). I have been comparing the Nikon

> D300S and the Canon 7D and then the Nikon D90 and the Canon

> T2i. All would be significant upgrades and obviously much depends

> on the lenses/converters used but I would greatly appreciate some

> feedback from Tweeters who have experience with these cameras and

> who perhaps went through the same analysis/paralysis before

> purchasing. An off site response and option to talk on the phone

> would be great as well. Thanks for all feedback.





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