[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2010-12-02

Michael Hobbs BirdMarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Dec 2 16:45:27 PST 2010

Tweets - we swam through rather thick fog for much of the morning. As we
walked the slough, it was pretty well impossible to see birds on the far
shore. At the lake we couldn't see beyond the docks. But by the time we
got to the East Meadow, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. Not
too cold. Not a bad day, even if it was quiet at times.


Gr. White-fronted Goose Two at the far side of the weir
Wood Duck Still one drake hanging around
Virginia Rail Clapped from boardwalk - 4 answered
Killdeer 35 on grass fields - a lot for
Western Gull 1 in a mixed flock on grass fields early
Barn Owl Seen as late as 7:10, with prey
Hairy Woodpecker East Meadow and Rowing Club
Yellow-rumped Warbler 2+ at Rowing Club
Evening Grosbeak Heard some over Big Cottonwood Forest

Our big misses today were Bald Eagle, Rock Pigeon, and Bushtit.

Grace & Ollie Oliver visited the park last Friday (which counts as "this"
week). They saw 4 species we didn't see today:

Snow Goose 1 juvenile
Hermit Thrush 1
Varied Thrush 4

So, for the day, 57 species. For the "week", 61 species.

For 2010, I think we're at 145, which is a dozen species fewer than last
year, and would be the lowest year total since 2004 if we don't get several

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