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Brendan McGarry groovypenguin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 15:32:20 PST 2010

Hi Folks,

I am headed to Southeast Asia on January 14th and I won't be
back until April 4th. My goal for the trip, in the broadest of senses is to
explore the natural world there, but let's be honest, I'm going to bird! I
fly into Thailand first and know at the very least that I'll be headed to
Chaign Mai and the surrounding areas first off. But after that point it's
relatively up in the air. I've had some great advice from a lot of people
already but there's always room for more.

Being the young fellow that I am, I'm traveling from a backpack and don't
have a big budget to hire expensive guides all the time. However, if anyone
has had particular luck with local guides anywhere between Laos and
Indonesia let me know! I'm feeling more and more keen on Indonesia right

In terms of "exploring the natural world" - the translation of that will be
in the form of blog entries on my blog, Wingtrip.org (which is severely
under updated these days because I've been planning this trip, applying to
graduate programs, and working full time simultaneously). The main focus of
Wingtrip is writing and photography about birds, so I figure some people
might be interested.

I appreciate any advice anyone would be willing to send my way. Thanks so

-Brendan McGarry
Seattle, Washington
groovypenguin @ gmail.com
visit my blog @ http://wingtrip.org
check out my photos @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/brendanmcgarry
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