[Tweeters] A sandhill crane and swans

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Dec 26 14:42:16 PST 2010

Out looking for swans today in the Snohomish Valley I found many swans and a
surprise. A single SANDHILL CRANE hanging out with a family of trumpeter
swans feeding along a fence row adjacent to a corn field. Across the fence
in the adjacent corn field were a group of trumpeters and a cluster of 5
adult tundra swans,one with the blue collar N049. A GBH was about 300 feet
away from this group feeding in the field. It was a small crane as it not
much taller than the swans.
While enjoying the behavior of the crane/swan interactions an adult and
juv bald eagle starting straffing the swans. A few moved a several yards
away, otherwise they were unphased by the attempts of the eagles.
I did not see any bands on the crane. Has anyone else seen this bird?
I saw it off the Lowell-Larimer Road between Seattle Hill Road and SR9. It
was in the fields across from the rusty colored house at address 7908

Any photographers out there who may get the crane with swans or the collared
swan please let me know.

Happy birding.

Martha Jordan

"Perception is your sense of reality,
Perspective is your grip on reality."

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