[Tweeters] Oahu birding: Oahu Elepaio

Mark Oberle oberle at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 28 20:52:47 PST 2010

As you know, AOU and Clements both split the Elepaio , with
Chasiempis ibidis being the uncommon Oahu Elepaio

Here is a spot where I had it on the Kuliouou trail in March 2005
Take H1 east
4-5 mi. after Fwy turns to hwy,
L at traffic light for Kuliouou Rd.
0.4 mi from hwy, Kuliouou Rd turns left. Then take immediate R to continue
on Kuliouou Rd.
1.0 mi from hwy turn R at dead end sign onto Kala Au Place
1.3 mi. from hwy, road ends at trailhead at end of suburb.
Brown sign for Kuliouou ridge Trail and Kuliouou valley trail. 280' elevation.
Walk short distance on newly asphalted rd. and take R onto trail
(road to left
ends just across stream at utility bldg.).

At fork in trail go left on Kuliouou valley Trail. 15 min. up trail
from that fork is
where I saw the Elepio on my way back down (this is maybe 3rd rivulet
crossing of the trail with dense vegetation downhill). I had walked
all the way
to end of developed trail at maybe 680' at a little falls. Lots of Leiothrix,
Shama, Whiteye, plus a few cardinals. Oahu Elepaio called in short
call bursts then sang in bursts of 2-4 reps but
stayed out of view except one brief episode.

Mark Oberle
Seattle, WA
oberle at mindspring.com

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