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Don't think the original made its way to the list. If this is a repeat feel free to delete.

Kate and I are contemplating doing a month long trip to Brazil this summer. For those of you who are experienced in such said trip can you offer us some advise about the following:

-Would an itinerary that would include the following (Iguaçu Falls, The Pantanal, Christalino Lodge, and the SE Rain forest) be too ambitious?

-If not, how many days would you recommend at each? If so, what would you eliminate? any other options

that you would think better than those stated for a first trip to Brazil?

-How does one (or 2 in this case) navigate around Brazil?

-Would you recommend for, or against driving at all, or part of the trip?

- If for, what route would you suggest?

-If flying would be best, what route should we take to help defray costs?

-Any one know of guides that are in the Pantanal region? We would rather not go on a big tour and would

be looking mostly for someone to help us get to the birds and keep us from getting lost. We always

enjoy working with the locals, so that we can also feel connected to the culture.

--Any one have recommendations of guides, or lodges, that are in the SE region?

-Christalino has come highly recommended, but is very expensive. Any one have other options that they

have used in the Mato Grosso area that they would rate as close to or equivalent?

-For those of you who set up trips for yourselves, any tips that might help us to save a few dollars would be greatly appreciated.

All the best

Barry Levine

levineb at fastmail.fm


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