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Hi All,

Just a fun game between birders in two different states (one being the state of Sonora, Mexico!). Thought some of you might want to participate!

Rules below.

Simone Lupson-Cook
Seattle, WA
zingie at aol.com

Super Bird Saturday!
Feb 6th, 2010

Washington State vs. Sonora, MX

This is the story of two friends. One lives in WA, the other is living at a research station on the southern coast of Sonora MX. One friend challenged the other to see how many birds could be seen in their respective states in a 24-hour period. While Sonora may have greater numbers of species in winter, WA boasts a larger number of bird nerds year round. If you’re betting, play the spread….


Contest begins at 0000 to 2359, of 02.06.2010.
Only observations within the states of WA and Sonora will be considered in the count.
The highest diversity of birds observed wins. (NOT the highest number of individuals nor total number of birds seen)
Rare and Highly Unusual birds will require photo documentation.
Any number of people are welcome and encouraged to participate.
“A bird heard, is a bird observed.”
Only full species recognized currently by the AOU will be counted. No subspecies-double counting. (ex: Merlin=1 pt. F. columbarius columbarius and F. c. richardsoni do not count as 2 pts.)
Please submit all species names in Common, or English, form (this is for the WA State folks - for ease of filtering out duplicates when lists are compiled).

How to participate:

Please email your numbers to holkrum at gmail.com by the opening kick-off of Super Bowl XLIV to have your birds counted for this contest. Please send with your count numbers: # of people in your party, and hours spent counting

Results will be posted at Half Time of Super XLIV.

To learn more about our competitors in Mexico, visit their website at www.alamoswildlands.org.

Go play outside!!

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