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Wed Feb 3 21:16:43 PST 2010

The problem with Phoenix is that it is so large that where you are
matters. It can take over an hour to get from one side to the other and
then you have to go wherever you are going beyond that.

You have already seen some great suggestions posted so I won't duplicate

One place I like is Hassayampa River Preserve about 45 minutes NW of
Phoenix. Unfortunately, the roadside rest stop that was my introduction
to the refuge has been closed due to state budget cuts. i'm told that
vermillion flycatchers were always there. However, the best part of
Hassayampa is the refuge itself which you can enter a couple of miles NW
of the rest area, close to the small town of Wickenburg. The site itself
has several trails that include a riparian walk, a small 'mountain'
climb for an overview and hawks, a pond for ducks, and a somewhat more
open area where you can see different birds yet. Thrashers are common
there although I did not see one when we were there over Christmas week.


David Barber
Vancouver, USA



> I'll be in the Phoenix area next week and will have 3 days and a car

> to go birding. Heard about the Boyce Thomson Arboreteum, also thinking

> of heading down to Sierra Vista and some of the canyon areas and

> staying in the area for a couple of nights. Any suggestions would be

> greatly welcomed, as i don't know the area at all. Thanks



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