[Tweeters] Re: Crow horde, Lincoln's sparrow, Barrow's goldeneye, Discovery Park

Buddha's Ghost buddhasghost at comcast.net
Sat Feb 6 09:55:16 PST 2010

Crows live loosely in large groups and come together frequently throughout the day to chase and harass predators or for food sources that the other crows may notify them about. Even though you may only see a couple together,
you can be assured that there are usually many more within earshot busy doing their own foraging and will appear at a moment's notice.

When the day is drawing to a close they will come together in large gatherings, seemingly to socialize, before heading off to roost for the night.
I watch them grouping by the thousands in the late twilight to "chit chat" .

J Lemons

zen at buddhasghostgraphics.com
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