[Tweeters] Patrick Dugan: Bird Whistler on NPR Living on Earth

Kevin Purcell kevinpurcell at pobox.com
Wed Feb 10 14:59:00 PST 2010

I just heard this segment repeated on KUOW's KUOW Presents at 2:00 p.m
today (02/10/2010).


Show link and transcript to the original NPR Living on Earth show


> Patrick Dugan likes to go birding. But he doesn't have to use high

> tech smartphone apps to attract birds. All Dugan has to do is put

> his lips together and blow. Producer and naturalist Laurie Sanders

> has a profile of Patrick Dugan, bird whistler extraordinaire.


Download an MP3 of the 6:17 segment here


Worth a listen if you are a pisher (or budding pisher or wannabe

He's a World Series of Birding participant, WA birder and was in the
Westport CBC 2009 as reported here.

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