[Tweeters] Re: WHen do crow groups disperse? Or do they?

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Fri Feb 26 13:15:14 PST 2010

I, too, see this line of crows flying South every night about a half hour before sunset. They just keep coming for almost an hour...from the north to south and I am guessing Bothell! Thousands! Quite a site! I love to watch them fly, rolling, muttering, saying Hi! etc.

I live in Mill Creek and walk frequently in the North Creek County Park. Previous to the last two years the crow roost must have been in the Snohomish Valley because I used to watch the line of crows fly East. But last year they started flying South!

Last year, from late November to late April or possibly May, they used to stop over at North Creek Co. Park apparently to rest? Then fly onto the roost for the night. This year we have two resident Bald Eagles and the crows are not stopping. (Not sure if this is the reason they are not stopping.)

My observation has been the crow numbers flying to the roost decrease markedly around May.
I know my neighborhood crows stay the night right in our neighborhood during the summer. Of course having a nest in our back yard helps me monitor this behavior!

Janis Young

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