[Tweeters] Anna's with something stuck in his bill

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When I was in Arizona a few years ago, I stopped at a place where hummingbirds were being banded. As I recall, they had a hummingbird feeder set up inside a cage like what is commonly used around tube feeders to keep out large birds and squirrels. Above the cage they had a mist net. When the birds were inside, they pulled a string or somehow dropped the mist net down over the feeder. Perhaps some of the local bird banders could be of assistance.

Good luck with helping the little guy.

Diane Weinstein

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Subject: [Tweeters] Anna's with something stuck in his bill

Dear Tweets,

Yesterday we noticed a male Anna's Hummingbird coming to our feeder with something sticking out of it's bill. At first we thought it was his tongue but after viewing it with binoculars it appears to be a bit of something like fishing leader about the length of his bill. He seemed to be struggling a bit feeding but the *leader* or whatever it is would fold back and stick out of the feeder when he gets a drink. This morning the *leader* was still there and he was wiping his bill against branches.

Sure would like to aid this little guy but haven't a clue on how to proceed.

Any suggestions welcomed.

Good birding,


Dan Victor, Wallingford district, Seattle
dcv at scn dot org ___.-////


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