[Tweeters] Notes from Roy - 2/28/2010 - Evening Grosbeaks; weird call from GRHO

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at q.com
Sun Feb 28 10:06:18 PST 2010


We've had up to four Evening Grosbeaks off-and-on at the feeding area out
front since early January, but today I counted 19 actively feeding, and I
know that there were several more amongst the 50+ Pine Siskins in the maples
nearby. This is the highest number of Evening Grosbeaks we've had here since
the feeding frenzy of these birds in the autumn of 2008 (100+ nearly every
day for over a week feeding on noble fir cone seeds).

Last night, a Great Horned Owl (GRHO) was in a tree out front, making what I
can only describe as a "honk-like" call. I've heard this call before during
this breeding season, and figured it was the GRHO, but absolutely confirmed
it last night. It sounds like one rather long call, with no wavering. None
of the other GRHOs in the area (at least three pair) make this call, and I
hadn't heard it until last December, when a pair of owls moved in across the
street. I know that owls can make a variety of calls, but this particular
call isn't like anything I've heard, and I've not had time to review GRHO
calls that are available online. (I assume that this is the male of the
pair, since the female is likely on eggs.) If anyone else has heard a
similar call note from a GRHO, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, and may all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis

Roy, WA

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