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Bird watching would be a very "Amish" thing to do. Traditionally the
Amish have been farmers and so spend a great deal of time outdoors. For
an interesting account of this see

Great Possessions : An Amish Farmer's Journal, by David Kline.

Much of it deals with bird watching.

Lee Rentz wrote:

> We got a Christmas card from an old friend in upstate New York, who

> described going to photograph Snowy Owls during a great irruption

> year in her area. The interesting thing is, she said that Amish

> people would drive their buggies out in the country to see the owls,

> and recalls one young bearded man who watched the owls with

> binoculars, his bird book open on the buggy seat. I shouldn't

> necessarily be surprised, but I love apparent contradictions like this.


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