[Tweeters] Water bird numbers [CBC data]

Jim Greaves lbviman at blackfoot.net
Fri Jan 8 12:46:20 PST 2010

How about only 6 coots!? [I'm sure there were more, but I didn't have
any field help this year] Last year we had 1,900 coots! Redheads were
zero this year, compared to over 2,000 last year. The difference, as
I see it, is that we had 95% open water on the lower Clark Fork River
this January, compared to less than 1% open last year, which tended
to concentrate birds a bit, as we saw many hundreds in scattered ice
openings of less than an acre last year! - Jim Greaves, compiler
Noxon-Heron MT CBC

At 01:01 PM 1/8/2010, tweeters-request at mailman2.u.washington.edu wrote:

>Are you seeing diminished numbers of water birds? We live on Long

>Lake just outside Lacey, and while we have a lot of Mallards, the

>numbers of other wintering birds are waaaay down. For instance, I

>see perhaps 20 Coots on the lake, whereas in previous years we've

>had 150-200. I went by Capitol Lake in Olympia in preparation for a

>bird walk I'm doing there Saturday morning, and the numbers are

>astonishingly low. There's usually a huge gathering of American

>Wigeons at the south end of the lake, and there were hardly any

>yesterday. The mixed flocks of diving ducks are much thinner than

>usual. I know humans are destroying the world's ecosystems, but if

>these numbers are an indication of how badly we're doing it, we're

>in far greater trouble than I had thought.


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