[Tweeters] Brandt's Cormorants and Harlequins at Vashon dock

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I meant to put that both the cormorants and Harlequins were very convenient right at the Vashon dock. They both have been regular there for the last month or more. A couple of the DC Cormorants fought over a fairly large 8" or so flat fish about 20' from us.

All three cormorants are also regular at the Tahlequah dock on the Vashon side of the Pt. Defiance ferry. There's usually at least 20 DC Cormorants and often 80-100. Usually 4-6 Pelagic and 1-3 Brandt's are there as well.

Another regular place for Harlequins is at Pt. Robinson along the shore to the nw of the lighthouse and then along Luanna Beach Road which goes to the nw from the entrance to the lighthouse park. Pt. Robinson is a good place to bird at anytime of year.

Ed Swan
Vashon Island
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Where were the Harlequins?


Allan Warner Tacoma

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