[Tweeters] Harrier Shot at Theler Wetlands

John Riegsecker jriegsecker at pobox.com
Sun Jan 10 16:28:35 PST 2010


I headed out to Theler Wetlands this morning for some photography.
While there, I met Mark Edell, another regular visitor and photographer.
For those of you unfamiliar with Theler, waterfowl hunting is allowed
on a Wildlife area adjacent to the Theler Wetlands. There are three
blinds facing the canal and hunters regularly boat through the wetlands
from a small boat ramp to the blinds. Yesterday morning Mark said he
heard shots, then saw a Northern Harrier come from the direction of the
blinds, apparently shot by a hunter. He has given me permission to post
this link to the bird


Showing it with an injured wing. He has reported the incident to the

John Riegsecker, Gig Harbor, jriegsecker at pobox dot com

John R.

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