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Tue Jan 12 14:41:50 PST 2010

Has anyone considered this may not be the same bird? Not saying it isn't, but still... Anyone know what their normal daily range might be? Goodness knows Seattle shoreline doesn't look much like Wenas or Umptanum (thankfully :) )

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George Davis Creek, North Fork

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Hi Penny and Tweeters,

Interesting timing for the Magpie sighting in Discovery Park. I believe the history of the current Seattle-area Magpie sightings is then:

Thurs Jan 7 - Fri Jan 8: seen off and on, all within several blocks of 63rd and Alki.
Sat Jan 9 morning: not reported
Sat Jan 9 2 pm: seen at Alki
Sat Jan 9 3:15 pm: seen in Discovery Park, about 6 miles to the N, over water
Sun Jan 10 morning: not seen at Alki by me and others
Sun Jan 10 (time?): seen by Kathy Andrich at S Horton St and Marginal Way, about 7 miles SE from Discovery Park along the shoreline

So it seems that the Magpie, if just one, suddenly decided to start wandering on Saturday afternoon. I hope people will report where it turns up next!

-Evan Houston
Seattle, WA


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