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> Many of the localities around Seattle are listed as "Personal Location." You can find it more or less on the Google Map, but without a name, you don't know exactly what you are looking for. These locations say that they may be private homes, and people are assured privacy by not giving any more information. But I looked at a lot of these, and some of them were certainly not private homes (for example, there were three such locations just at Point No Point, and as far as I know, Vic Nelson is the only birder living there). Are people entering "personal location" because it's their own special birding spot that they'd rather not share? If so, why send the records to eBird? Or is there something I'm missing here? In other words, why so many "personal locations?" I assume the majority were sent in by people on this list. .....


All -

Part of the problem here is some checklists were generated before the
hotspots were created and these should now be merged w/ the hotspot
locations (there is a tool to do this in 'Manage My Locations').
Hopefully the eBird folks can also develop a tool to identify these
and suggest to the owners they should merge their lists. eBird users
could also check over their lists and see if they have any that could
be merged. It would also help if folks used descriptive location names
for their private locations as they can show up in reports (private
location names can also be changed in 'Manage My Locations').

Hotspots should generally be used wherever possible as this creates a
virtual checklist for that location. It would be nice if there could
be a hotspot hierarchy, for example all locations in Discovery park
rolled up into a master Discovery Park list. This would address the
problem of granularity. And it's easy enough to suggest new
sub-locations for existing hotspots. Hopefully Cornell will be
considering a location hierarchy for a future version (it would be
helpful for managing private locations as well).

On a related item, I believe the eBird team is planning to expose
personal/private locations in the next version of eBird. That is to
say reports that show locations will include links to all locations,
not just hotspots.

Happy eBirding!


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