[Tweeters] Birding Trip Report: Ridgefield NWR River S Unit, Clark County, Washington on January 17, 2010

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Sun Jan 17 16:13:52 PST 2010

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Date: January 17, 2010

Location: Ridgefield NWR River S Unit, Clark County, Washington

Percentage of sky covered by clouds: 100%

Precipitation: rain

Birds seen (in taxonomic order):

Canada Goose [1]

Cackling Goose

Tundra Swan [2]


American Wigeon


Cinnamon Teal

Northern Shoveler

Northern Pintail

Green-Winged Teal


Ring-necked Duck

Lesser Scaup


Hooded Merganser

Ruddy Duck

Great Blue Heron

Bald Eagle [3]

Northern Harrier

Red-tailed Hawk

Rough-legged Hawk

American Coot

Sandhill Crane [4]

Herring Gull

Belted Kingfisher

Western Scrub-Jay

American Crow

Black-capped Chickadee

Brown Creeper

Bewick's Wren

Marsh Wren

American Robin

European Starling

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Song Sparrow

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Red-winged Blackbird

Western Meadowlark


[1] Including some duskies

[2] Easily 400+

[3] Saw about six, including one sub-adult feeding on a bird carcass

in a tree and two other sub-adults pestering each other on the


[4] Saw 11 fly overhead

Total number of species seen: 38

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