[Tweeters] Bald Eagle Courtship Dance?

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue Jan 19 11:52:55 PST 2010

My next-door neighbor reported to me in a frantic voicemail (Sun. Jan.
17) that there were 4 Bald Eagles, at least 2 of which were adults, up
in the large conifers in my backyard, jumping and flapping and
shrieking - she saw no prey being dealt with and there strangely
wasn't much crow commotion. Wish I'd been home to see this!

I've seen the crows pester the occasional eagle that perches in one of
the trees, but maybe 4 was too many? I suspect the eagles were having
some kind of courtship ritual. I'm curious if the adults would model
mating behavior for their young?! Also, would eagles who are going to
mate this year already have a nest or might I find one of my trees
(just in from Lk Washington) become host to a new nest in the next
month or 2? Do the juveniles occasionally have a successful mating
before they become full-fledged whiteheads?

There are so many eagles around these days, they risk becoming pesky!
There has been a report from a neighbor down the street finding her
cat cowering under a bush one day (this winter, I think). The cat was
injured and had talon marks up both of it's sides. The owner took it
to the vet and it was treated for some of the injuries, but had
sustained some internal injuries that cat and owner are still
struggling with and the cat will no longer go outside - a rather
harsh, but effective way to encourage both owner and cat that indoors
is a safer place for a housecat. Now that I think of it, a friend who
lives on the lake, mentioned that last year her neighbor had a similar
cat/eagle incident. Any of you know of other instances of eagles
taking cats as prey? I've heard a tale passed around, that a
groundskeeper at the Broadmoor Golf Course, found a pile of cat
collars in part of a broken nest that had fallen to the ground. This
story was later said to be an urban legend. I didn't look it up on
snopes.com, but figure the reality could rest somewhere between
'impossible' and 'exaggeration'.

Any insights on these eagly things would be appreciated.

Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net

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