[Tweeters] Three Thrush Lunch

Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 22:55:30 PST 2010

No I did not have them for Lunch! After unsuccessfully trying to find a
Varied - and a Hermit Thrush since the first of the year for my yearly list,
I finally saw two Varied Thrushes at Treasure Island Park yesterday morning.
Of course I promptly had a nice male in my backyard this morning. This had
brought my list up to 96. Taking advantage of the nice day yesterday, i
decided to go to West Seattle for the third time to find Surdbirds. I made
four stops and walked quite a bit on the way into Alki, without success. I
did find a single GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW with House sparrows - make that #
97.Heading south from the lighthouse, I did find a flock of BRANT - # 98.
Looking back towards the point at the lighthouse, I found a flock of
SANDERLINGS - # 99. Now for the elusive SURFBIRDS. Finally on my second stop
heading home, I saw a likely Surfbird some distance away on a rock. Walking
towards that location, I had great looks of five Surfbirds and one Black
Turnstone. Oh sweet success! This made it an even one hundred for the year!
Now this afternoon I was having lunch and looking out of the kitchen window
I saw the beautiful male VARIED THRUSH chasing a HERMIT THRUSH in my
backyard! Year bird # 101! Both settled in their own area to scratch and
feed. At the same time my resident male AMERICAN ROBIN decided to take a
bath. He was not bothered by the two "c hickens" scraticng in the leaves, as
long as they were not trying to steal berries from his holly tree! This is a
definitive first, having three thrushes in view at the same time - in my own
yard no less! I just could not get all of them into one view in my 10X42
Leicas. A female TOWNSENDS WARBLER brightened up the scene, while trying to
decide which suet feeder to use for her lunch. Who says birding in Twin
Lakes is boring? I also had two RED-BREASTED SAPSAUCKERS
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