[Tweeters] Birding close to Home!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Wed Jan 27 18:45:48 PST 2010

Hello Tweeters,
Missed my birdying this morning at Nisqually do to some pain in my leg.I was
doing pretty good and
figured I being OK.I been going to physical therapy,what should helping to
get better
I was doing OK this afternoon,decided going down on the bay in Tacoma,Day
Island and Titlow Beach.Did not had to walk more than less 1 mile.This is
one of my area for the Tahoma CBC.
I was presently surprised what I found,and how many people manly all who
walking there Dogs,ask me what I been seeing on Titlow Beach.And I really
surprised seeing all dogs on a leash holding there paper bag to clean up.
I started on the Day Island Marina,the tide was high and the few Shorebirds
4 Dunlin,1 Least and 5 Killdeer was huddled on the edges on some kind of
short beach grass.The other waterfowl where
2 Common Golddeneye and 2 Buffleheads
Coming from the place I use the private road going to Titlow BeachThe left
side on this road had some good vegetation where I saw Golden and White
crowned Sparrows,Song Sparrows and 1 Lincoln Sparrow.
out on the open salt waters I was surprised to see this many birds.
First on the pilings there where many Double-crested and pelagic
Cormorant's,many swimming in the waters,this is the area where we have a
high concentration on Mew Gulls,and few Olympus Gulls mixed in.
The other birds on the water where,
Surf scoter 6
Pigeon Guillemot 3
Marbled Murrelet 1( in the past we had quite few of this species but it is
almost rare this to get 1 bird.)
Red-breasted Merganser 8
Horned Grebe 4,
Common Goldeneye 4,
Surprised where the 1 WESTERN Grebe( there are the last few year s absent in
our area.
Going to the park who got 2 ponds,There where lot's of MEW Gulls in the pond
and the Grass,the way when there walk nicking there head reminding me always
of the delicate Brewers Blackbird there also nicking there head when there
walk.( this is proable not the right way to explain there behavior)
This two species of birds describing them as so dainty and delicate.
This is the bigger pond and had many waterfowl
Mallards many
Hooded Merganser 6
Bufflehead 4,Red-breasted Merganser1
On the grass there around 100 Wigeon,with 1 EURASIAN
Canada Geese, 5,
Walking on the trail,this are the birds I pished and use my little queeler?
Fox Sparrows always responding to this little tool.There where fife of this
birds in good few.
Song Sparrows 3,
Spotted Towhee 6,
Golden crowned Kinglet 3,
Ruby crowned Kinglet, 1
Black-capped Chickadee 2
I had a Sharp-shinned Hawk flying over,
I probable spend 2 hours,but I will trying to going more often,since I did
not taken the whole loop
This place is 15 minutes from my home.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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