[Tweeters] RE: Shhhh. Dont tell the cat people

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Thu Jan 28 08:20:49 PST 2010

Dear Tweeters;

RE: Shhhh. Dont tell the cat people
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Now if cats are >-attracting-< Owls of ANY sort I should be able to
find one around here somewhere. That is absurd! This area appears to
have way too many domestic/feral cats wandering around. What is the
difference between domestic and feral, if the cat is constantly
wandering outdoors?

How good to know that Owls are feeding upon cats!

It is odd to me that an OWL would choose a cat for lunch, however.
There are a few dead wood trees with cavities here.... but I have NOT
seen nor have I heard from an owl. I think it would be a good thing if
I could feed an Owl here....

Thurston County
yelmbackyard at gmail.com

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