[Tweeters] Barn Owls in Kent

Jim Elder jelder at meteorcomm.com
Thu Jan 28 17:46:07 PST 2010

I was pleasantly surprised to walk out of work yesterday evening around 6:30 PM and find two Barn owls flying around the parking lot and over the roof of the neighboring warehouse (Shaw Industries across from the Kent Ponds = Green River Natural Area). At least I think they were barn owls. Mind you it was dark. They had light underwings. I did not see any sign of a black wrist mark that Short-eared Owls would have. They were calling but I have never heard this call before. Actually I'm not sure that I have ever heard any call from either a barn owl or a short-eared owl. The call was a scratchy creak about one second long not unlike the sound of our local tree frogs. Does that sound familiar to any of our owl experts?

I have always been surprised that in four years of working here I have never seen an owl on the way to or from work before but perhaps they will be out there again tonight when I leave in a few minutes.

Jim Elder
Kent, WA

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