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Please do not confuse altruistic behavior with morals. Otherwise we might
be giving morals to leaf cutter ants and other social insects etc.

Eric Kowalczyk

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> Connie ended her mesage with this paragraph:


> In-betweeners said there is a separation between nature and

> society. With a few exceptions (eg., Ravens; some social animals),

> animals do not have morals. But we must in order to govern ourselves,

> because we are social creatures who live together, invent much of our

> environment, and affect almost all of it. - Connie, Seattle


> In her book, The Private Lives of Birds, Bridget Stutchbury describes

> some birds that demonstrate altruistic behavior for similar reasons. See

> page 121.


> Darlene

> Cinebar




> Darlene


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> but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was

> yesterday. --Alexander Pope

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