[Tweeters] Okanagon continue Friday the 9th

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 12 11:11:39 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters,
Friday morning it seems so much cooler,It was 6.00AM and I heard a
Woodpecker drumming already,I got my I Pod out,yes I learn a little how I
can do it some how.I played the Three Toed Woodpecker first ,since the been
sighted here in the past,The bird was coming closer,but it took for few
minutes that he showed up not to far where I was standing,it was a male
seeing the bright yellow cap,so I start the day of good ,Than I played the
Williamson's Sapsucker ,it took for a while I waited for a while to drink my
Coffee what is a must to function,so I started again playing the
tape.nothing happen,as I got to driving out I saw the female Williamson's
Sapsucker flying over the Road, this was a quick look,since I got out of
the car to get a better look.This is the species what in the past was so
common to get here.On the corner going out I called 2 Mountain Chickadees
in ,and there was making loud calls and all aroused.On the way to Tonasked
Havilla RD.I stopped , this fields was not cut yet ,I use my I Pod ,and
after few calls 2 Bobolink where sighted comming pretty close.This is where
Patrick and I had this birds before.The grasses is kind of a mix and not the
pure quality of grasses than in the Loomis area.I decided going birdying on
Cameron Lake drive for the day,since we stopped on where the pavement was.My
car was already a mess so driving the bad dusty Road would not madder.To
start off going up on Cameron Lake a my first bird in Sage habitat was a
singing Lazuli Bunting .Across from there was years ago a Clay - colored
Sparrow in a growed of roses and shrubs who was showing up there for at
least 3 years here where I had some Brewers Sparrow walking the hill to Sage
habitat ,worry I might encounter a Rattler .played the tape for the
Clay-colored Sparrow but instead I saw a Blue Grouse here. I went back to
the place on top where we had many birds on the previous day seeing the Gray
Flycatcher and took some water since I would hike further in.I found new a
Harry Woodpecker, a Morning Dove ,again the Gray Flycatcher and since it was
not yet so hot I walked further than before.New here was also a Coopers
Hawk,and a Goshawk,further hike produced 2 White -headed Woodpeckers,it
looked much better today,that was a wanted bird for Loren.
It was in one of the fields where there was a small pond where I found a
single Grasshopper Sparrow ,singing his heart out.This little Sparrows are
particular where there breeding ,so this birds changing there routine most
every year.I had also a Blue Winged TEAL on one of the lakes the Lakes there
.I Forgot to write down the name on this Lake,and there are many.I also had
some Vesper Sparrows and a Pied -billed Grebe,still in breeding Plumage.A
short trip to Cassimer Bar,produced Caspian Terns DC Cormorant & some Blue
On the Cameron Lake drive you can spend days to visiting all the many
lakes.The reason birders don't visiting this area to much of the dusty
roads,and not known what this area can offer and where to find this birds.Is
also time over there to get great Shorebirds.
I counted 110 Species with 960 miles of driving in 3 days.To mention driving
and keeping score alone is not easy , I am sure that I am missed some birds
and there location to write up.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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