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Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Mon Jul 12 20:57:53 PDT 2010

Hello, tweeters.

Here's my question, and it is directed solely to those people who read or hear about some rare bird being seen somewhere in the region and immediately start to plan their trip to see that bird (or look for it). Why do you do it?

I don't want this to start a chain reaction of name-calling or disagreement, so if you respond, please don't be critical of anyone else's response. As a long-time teacher, and certainly in this case, my questions are oriented toward making people think, not making them react. I don't want a response to "why do you go birding?" but just "why do you chase rare birds?"

Feel free to respond with brief or lengthy answers. I ask because I am truly interested, and I suspect many inhabitants of tweeterdom would also be interested, so please respond to the group. I know comments will be individual and personal, and I don't plan to summarize them for tweeters or compile them into a best-selling book that will pay for my retirement.

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