[Tweeters] How Many Bird Spp. in WA?

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Wed Jul 28 19:54:32 PDT 2010

Hi Carol & Tweets -
Here's my take on the possible answers to this straightforward
question: 497, 503, or somewhere inbetween.

1. The official Washington Bird Records Committee list updated
through 2008, is online at: http://wos.org/WAlist01.htm
According to the summary at the top of this page, the WA list is at
493, with 8 of those being based on single-person sight records & 4
being 'historical'- birds that haven't been seen in the state in 50+

However, when you add up the birds listed on that page, there are 484
listed , which along with the 8 single-person sight records & the 4
historical records brings the official list to 496. 2 of these were
the ones mentioned by Scott - Hawaiian Petrel & Variegated
Flycatcher, but I'm not sure what the 3rd one is. In any case, I'd
say the WA BRC total is now 496.

2. Washington Birder [wabirder.com] has a list that now stands at 503
species. http://www.wabirder.com

So, what are the 7 species that stand between the WA BRC list and the
Wa Birder list? Here is my summary of their status, based on what
I've heard not on any official involvement in the WA BRC:

Mute Swan - WA BRC recently removed it from the state list on the
theory that no established/non-introduced birds are/have been here.

Scaled Quail -both lists agree it is extirpated in WA, the
disagreement is whether it was established enough to keep on the list
after extirpation - non-established introduced species are not
traditionally kept on lists once they no longer are found in a
region. WA Birder keeps it on the list, WA BRC does not.

Common Moorhen - WA BRC declined to accept a report from a few years
back from Potholes.

Greater Pewee - I'm not sure whether the WA BRC has ruled one way or
another on this one. For some reason, I think they've accepted it,
but that may be a mistake on my part.

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - not yet processed by WA BRC, but likely
to be accepted, since it has already been reported in Birding
Magazine & other places.

Cordilleran Flycatcher - WA BRC does not accept that the populations
of Western Flycatchers in SE WA are distinct enough to be called
Cordilleran -- there have been notes about 'needing to revisit this'
in past reports, I think, but I haven't heard of any recent movement.

Summer Tanager - I believe the WA BRC declined to accept the record
of this from Adams Co

Those are the 7 species that stand between in the gap between the two
lists -- really, when you are talking about 500 or so species,
that's a remarkable bit of agreement, I think.

Good birding,

Matt Bartels
Seattle WA -

>Hi Tweets:

>I was about to send out a msg to a group asking about their favorite

>birding spots. In a packet about the Great Washington State Birding

>Trail project for Audubon, it says that WA has 365 + birds. That

>seemed low so I found the WA Birder List that I have, and it says

>there are 501 spp. But that list includes birds that are extirpated

>like California Condor. I checked the bird list on

><http://www.wos.org>www.wos.org and it says there are 408 spp (I

>think, I had to count them up). But that list says it is a 2008


>Does anyone know the latest number of bird species listed for

>Washington State?

>Yours, Carol Schulz

>Des Moines

>carol.schulz50 at gmail.com




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