[Tweeters] White-winged Dove in Tokeland on 5/31 - late report

Grad, Andrea E. agrad at helsell.com
Wed Jun 2 15:30:55 PDT 2010

On Monday 5/31, we had one WHITE-WINGED DOVE and two EURASIAN
COLLARED-DOVES hanging out under our seed feeder in Tokeland for a
couple hours. We viewed them with binocs from about 25 feet away
through windows, and I took photos of the WW Dove through the windows (I
haven't downloaded them yet -- I'm sure they're very mediocre but
they'll show the white on the lower (folded) wing edge, and hopefully
the beautiful blue around the eyes). The three of them were loosely
associated with a flock of BAND-TAILED PIGEONS, although they tended to
come to the feeder in between the BTs' visits. We had BT Pigeons all
weekend, but we only saw the WW Dove and EC Doves on Monday. We left
yesterday and I'm sure our feeder is long empty by now, so I doubt they
would still be around our property, but perhaps they are still somewhere
around Tokeland.

I got a good look at the WW Dove's legs, and didn't see any bands. I'm
not positive about the EC Doves' legs -- didn't concentrate as much on
them, after the WW Dove showed up!


Andrea Grad
agrad at helsell.com

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