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Greetings, Tweeters:
I am happy to answer any and all questions regarding this little find!
First, location more specifically:  The town of Trout Lake, WA, is
reached via Hwy. 141 (which heads n. into Washington over the Columbia
River from the Hood River toll bridge; use 141 through Bingen/White
Salmon or "Alt. 141") going through Husum, BZ Corner, and go
approximately 24 miles n. of the Columbia to Trout Lake. In the town
of Trout Lake, there is a 'Y' in the highway at the Chevron station;
take the right route, which is "Mt. Adams Hwy." and travel
approximately 2 miles (you will pass 2 very large properties "For
Sale" on the east side) to the next 'Y' just over a creek. Follow the
road to "Randle", which is FS 23, to the left.  All of this is well
marked.  FS 23 road is paved.  Travel approx. 10 miles, watching for
the small spur gravel road 520 on the left side.  There is a large
gravel spot to park right next to the pavement, and two small (old
logging) roads can be walked/birded uphill from the wide gravel area
to park.
The bird was only about 100 feet from the paved road up the RIGHT
gravel road.  We were playing BirdJam's pygmy owl recording when it
flew into a dense, partly needle-less conifer tree above eye level.
In addition, at the site are Black-throated Gray, Hermit, Townsend's,
and Nashville warblers, along with Warbling vireos and Golden-crowned
kinglets-----to name a few!  It came to us the first time via the owl
recording, but we did not see it!  I dismissed as foolishness my
Arizona birding friend's comment that it sounded like a
Lucy's----being in the soggy Northwest!! But, we got back in the car,
played the Lucy's vocalization, DEAD ON, walked back the 100 feet,
played the BirdJam, and the warbler zoomed out to us!  It continued
answering back to the recording continually; we worked with the bird
for about an hour total.
Better description perhaps: the "gizz" of this bird is "small, gray,
short-tailed warbler, warbler behavior, pale face, thin bill", without
any streaking of any kind!  The weather and conditions were not
perfect; the helpful russet patches were not visible to us.  But the
SONG and CALL were dead on!  With the BirdJam, it was tough to tell
"who was who" vocalizing!
We did not have "superb" views of this warbler, but we had good views;
and confirming with excellent vocalization and eliminating other
possible, pale vagrants; confirming with various field guides;
confirming with BirdJam and ongoing response; and knowledge of an
excellent visiting AZ birder in hand-----we agreed on reporting the
sighting immediately.  Viewing was approximately 2 p.m., Wednesday.
If you or others try for this bird, we would appreciate hearing back
from you and and any feedback you may have.
Good luck!
Priscilla Christenson
Beaverton, OR
pjcandgpc at aol.com

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