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Fri Jun 18 20:16:24 PDT 2010

on the way home from work today, noticed the Ospreys next to the Velodrome
were actively nesting; Mom was on nest directly, while Dad was overhead on
the perch above. had i a camera, i might have annoyed a few rush-hour
drivers in the parking lot that is 520 at 6pm, but it would have made a
nifty photo, too.

not two minutes later, i'm turning east onto 202, and from the meadow/open
pit behind Phred Meyer rises what looked like a Cooper's Hawk from the
grass, quickly followed by eight crows in hot pursuit. Up the hawk went,
with corvids in tow, until said Cooper's turned on the afterburners up
Avondale. Crows returned to the pit/meadow as I sped out of their sight.
Don't suppose there was a ground nest for the crows, but perhaps the real
reason was one of their siblings/friends who made dinner for the hawk?

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork
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