[Tweeters] Dungeness Spit on June 18th (George Gerdts, Bainbridge Island)

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Sat Jun 19 13:40:15 PDT 2010

George, et al,

We have at least 1,000 CATEs on the Bellingham waterfront right now, with numerous nests and far too many eggs to count, spread around almost randomly.
I was out on the site Thursday and we conservatively estimated that number, not including the 20 recently-hatched chicks that we located in the mass of birds.

It's quite the sight, just 3 blocks from downtown!!

Joe Meche

There were a few Caspian Terns in the vicinity, but NO sign of ANY nesting activity. A far cry from the 1500 nests two years ago, and the 800 or so from last year. I had heard that the Bald Eagles and coyotes were a real problem, so I guess the Caspians have been forced, once again, to move... Does anyone know if and where they are nesting this year?

George Gerdts, Bainbridge Island
geopandion at aol.com

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