[Tweeters] Cooper's Hawk nabs a Racing Pigeon in Beaverton

Dave M davem98607 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 19 22:56:55 PDT 2010

I was at an outdoor wedding today at a church in Beaverton. After the ceremony as we walked toward the church, a pigeon flew through the parking lot, low and fast, with a cooper's hawk in hot pursuit, and a large crow a few feet behind the hawk. The hawk nabbed the pigeon, and had it's talon on the pigeon's neck on the ground at the edge of the parking lot. The crow was a few feet away.

After the reception I walked over to the scene, and the hawk was gone but the crow was eating the breast meat from the carcass. It looked like the hawk had been eating the breast meat as well. The pigeon was wearing two tags (one with markings, one plain white), so I took them off and looked up the info from the tag. The tag was from a racing pigeon club in Sedro Woolley. I contacted the club secretary via email and told them the story. There was a phone number on the tag but I did not call.

Anyway I thought it was interesting that the crow was involved in this. Initially I assumed the crow was trying to chase away the hawk, but perhaps he knew that if he followed the hawk he would get a free meal?

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