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My revised edition Birding Seattle and King County will have such a map but
won't be available until later this year.

Gene Hunn

Lake Forest Park, WA

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Hey all,

I used to get pretty lost at the Montlake Fill, but the work by Connie and
others to get a map up with some names for the parking lots, ponds and
meadows has made it pretty manageable now. Is there any such map available
on line for Stillwater? I made it up a few weeks ago with kids in tow and
hoped to make it out at least to see the Bank Swallows - don't know if I
missed a road on the left, or if I was going to the southeast or if I had
already passed the bridge or the other other bridge with the field on the
left which might be plowed over by the creek... In short, it seems big
enough to get me lost without a map and a few landmarks. Is there one out
there? I've searched the net a bit without success.

-Tim Brennan


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