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Mon Jun 28 10:41:48 PDT 2010

The past four weeks have been such a pleasure, experiencing the development of these special creatures.  From the downy stages to their current novice hunting adventures, they are coming into their own.  It is especially amazing in that they are always around, as we are in the perfect habitat.  Barely an hour goes by that, in their active time of day, we don't hear or see them.  Lately, the three young ones encroach on robin nesting areas and are divebombed and heckled endlessly.  Crows will appear to aid the robins and mob them away. In the photo the of curious two owlets, they came with 10 yards to check us out, rolling their heads to receive input as to who we were.  Neither the young nor the adults seem to fear us or be affected by our movements around our place, gardening, mowing, etc. We will indeed feel a great emptiness when they are forced to move on....we hope that the adults will choose the nest box for their 2011 family. 


Terry Michel
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