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Boy, I think that March 2 would be an early first egg date for Bald Eagles in Washington. It takes about 40 days of incubation for eggs to hatch so this would be extraordinarily early for Bald Eagle chicks to be hatched out in Washington.

Kelly McAllister
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Greeting to all,

I just got back from a trip to the local Eagle nest. When I got there the Eagle pair were in the nest bowl and I did not see them. A short while later they both screamed and flew off. Ten minutes later both returned, neither was carrying anything. The first went into the nest bowl while the second landed near by. A moment later it also went into the nest bowl only to jump out a minute later and repositioned on a higher branch. My sad 250mm camera lens could not see anything but through my 8X42's I could see the first Eagle conveying small pieces of food to an unseen nest occupant.

In the past years at this nest I have not seen the eaglets until June of July due to the observation angle and nest construction.

Anyone else have eaglets yet? I am assuming they are on schedule?

Take care,
Dea Just


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