[Tweeters] White-winged Skagit Snow Goose - unusual or not?

Jesse Ellis calocitta8 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 07:54:41 PST 2010


Looks like it's a partial albino. There seem to be a few black feather-vanes
on one of the wings, meaning it's not a total albino. I've never heard of
this in Snow Geese before, but that may be in part because it's tough to
notice them, compared to say, an albino Canada Goose in a flock of normal

Jesse Ellis
Madison, WI

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 12:18 AM, Beach Dee <beachdee at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Been away for a year or two but glad to be back with Tweeters!

> Question: Today on the way to La Conner we stopped to show an out-of-town

> visitor the SNOW GEESE. Snapped a few pics with the pocket cam and when got

> home and looked at them, noticed one pic of two geese flying shows one with

> all-white wings. In the same pic is a normal black-tipped-wing bird.

> Anybody with the expertise/experience, is this common? Couldn't get

> anything to come up on Google. Here's a link to the pic (I haven't done

> anything to the photo except crop it):

> http://naturepics.homestead.com/naturepics-display.html. Would appreciate

> any enlightenment.


> Dee Warnock

> Edmonds, WA

> beachdee at hotmail dot com



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Jesse Ellis
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