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Jim Greaves lbviman at blackfoot.net
Tue Mar 30 12:31:51 PDT 2010

In "general", I can't fault the argument below. However, if we don't
make "value judgments" [indeed, think we "aren't"], we might as well
let all "human-induced" effects run their course. I bet there are
many on this site who disagree with MY "value judgment" regarding
global warming [without specifically expressing it, we all have
one]... That aside, we make value judgments when we put up nest
boxes, say we "love" bird watching, and feed birds. To say otherwise
is both irresponsible and untrue - Jim Greaves, MT

At 01:03 PM 3/30/2010, tweeters-request at mailman2.u.washington.edu wrote:

>Avian species cannot help if they are introduced, released or just

>spread through opportunism, bringing them in to conflict with

>"native", "local" or more poorly adapted


>2) All this seems to be as a result of human action as we create

>farmland, cities and plastic strewn oceans, where there were none

>before. But it is our responsibility, not the birds. It does not

>mean that we should not manage our bird boxes for unwanted

>intruders, create extra nesting holes in snag!

> s, or reduce the Cowbird population. But making value judgments

> based on whether species are native or introduced to me is

> predjudicial and deflects us away from our ultimate responsibility

> in altering our landscapes and habitats and the difficult

> management choices that must be made.


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