[Tweeters] Fwd: OBOL is completely gone...

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Sat May 1 22:10:25 PDT 2010

From Russ Namitz on the ongoing issues with Oregon Birders on Line:

Hello gents~

As you can see OBOL is not working. The entire domain was transferred
when in fact we needed to share the domain. I am out of town all
weekend and will try get the tech guys on it tomorrow evening or Monday.
If you could let the appropriate people know. I am not aware of all the
smaller lists. Perhaps you can forward this to those whom you deem


> Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 19:28:47 -0700 From: celata at pacifier.com To:

> namitzr at hotmail.com Subject: OBOL is completely gone...


> OBOL is no longer posting on Siler and the archive page is "not

> found". The mailman page for "oregonbirds.org" claims there is no

> publicly listed service of that name. Given that many of us were set

> to "no mail". We no have no mechanism to even find OBOL.


> I am assuming this is part of the switch-over. I am also assuming

> that if this was an unplanned part of the swap, the tech guys won't

> get to it 'til Monday.


> I recommend that you send status report to various regional persons

> who can post to local groups (COBOL, Willamette Birds, etc.)

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR

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